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Ballistic Response Pack Stocked

Ballistic Response Pack Stocked

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Ballistic Response Pack, available in Tan, black and Olive drab

When an individual is involved in a shooting it is essential that they have the necessary items to render aid to themselves or to the suspect. The Tactical Medical Solutions Ballistic response pack contains the components necessary for a first responder to provide treatment to ballistic injuries as well as other types of trauma associated with combat operations.

This compact, one hand accessible, MOLLE adaptable pouch is ideal for storage on individual equipment or inside a vehicle. Its contents were selected for ease of use and effectiveness.

The Ballistic response pack contains the following items: 1 - SOF Tactical Tourniquet 1 - 4 inch Olaes Bandage 1 - Petrolatum Gauze 1 - Nasopharyangeal airway 28F 2 - Pair of Gloves, nitrile, Size: Extra large 1 - 2 inch Tape, surgical 1 - Laerdal Face shield 1 - Trauma shears 1 - STAT Triage Card

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