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LSP Minilator 0-15 lpm 5 Diss check valve

The LSP Minilator oxygen delivery system is an aluminum...

LSP Multilator C.E. 8 assemblies w/o humidifier

Multilator: eight 2-15 lpm Constant Flow Selector Valve...

LSP multilator, 8 C.F. assemblies with humidifiers

Multilator: eight 2-15 lpm Constant Flow Selector Valve...

LSP omni-vent D81 MRI compatible portable ventilator

The LSP Omni-Vent Portable Ventilator can be use for am...

LSP Pediatric Immobilization board bag Only

Carry Bag for pediatric immobilization board....

LSP Pediatric immobilization board w/carrying case


LSP portable inhalator L228

Kit includes: oxygen regulator L270-250, 0-25 LPM, adul...

LSP Portable resuscitation system L111-010 in hard case

The LSP Portable Resuscitation Kit provides a fast, sim...

LSP ResusciTIMER Interactive CPR Monitor l770-CPR

With the innovative ResusciTIMER, experienced EMS profe...

LSP reusable aspirator with 6' oxygen hose L146

L146 Aspirator with 6' oxygen hose. Replacement part fo...

LSP reusable aspirator without hose L146-020

Reusable aspirator without hose. Replacement npart for ...

LSP reusable Bag valve mask for child L238-210

Reusable Bag Valve Mask for child - Child Tru-Fit mask....


New Products For March

STATPACKS QUICKROLL intubation module G11028TK


AEd Defibrillator Lifepack 1000 with ECG

The LIFEPAK® 1000 defibrillator is the ...

AED Defibrillator Lifepak 1000 w/o ECG

Lifepak 1000 comes complete with batter...

DOK (downed operator kit) sith supplies

The DOK is a compact kit that contains ...

SLIM-LINE Oxygen flowmeter 1/8 NPT

Flowmeter withStandard Inlet(1/8 NPT Fe...

Gazelle Tapered Carbon Steel Basket Stretcher

Confined Space Gazelle Steel Basket Str...

Titan One-Piece Stainless Steel Basket Stretcher

Titan Series Rescue Stretcher - Regular...

Air flowmeter 15lpm w/Ohmeda male QC


Air flowmeter 15 lpm w/Chemetron male QC

Air flowmeter 0-15 lpm with Chemetron q...


Featured Products

Intubation kit conventional ilumination with supplies 8-1050-85

Airway Intubation kit w/supplies - Conv...

LSP Emergency Portable resuscitation system L175-040R

Portable resuscitation system LSP l175-...

C.A.T Combat Application Tourniquet 30-0001

The C-A-T® is a true one-handed tourniq...

Ambu Res-Cue Pump Hand Held Portable Suction Unit

Description The Ambu Res-Cue Pump is a ...

MRI compatible Infant/pediatric back board L484C


Kimberly Clark Child's Face Mask 75/case

Natural rubber, latex free. For use on ...

Face mask. Earloop. 50/box

Hypo allergenic face mask with soft ear...

$6.75 $4.95Save: 27% off
B and F Oxygen regulator 0-25 lpm, 2 diss, barbed

Allied’s line of B and F oxygen regulat...


Monthly Specials For March

Tubecheck-B bulb style Ambu

This disposable esophageal intubation d...

$4.35 $4.05Save: 7% off
Disposable soft Go Stretcher 100DS

The GO Stretcher can be used in the fol...

$19.00 $15.75Save: 17% off
SOFT Tactical Tourniquet 2nd generation

The SOF Tactical Tourniquet is one of t...

$34.75 $26.75Save: 23% off
Hudson THERMAGARD heater model 5705

THERMAGARD® Heater * For use with Cat. ...

$990.00 $745.00Save: 25% off
Ambulance cot Ferno 35 A w/mattress and straps

Ferno 35-A Mobile Transporter complete ...

$3,828.00 $3,575.00Save: 7% off
Manual BVM w/neonate, toddler, infant mask

Ambu SPUR II is the only resuscitator t...

$25.03 $21.10Save: 16% off
Asherman Chest Seal Rusch

The Asherman chest seals unique circula...

$11.95 $11.15Save: 7% off
Biohazard bags 10 gallon 100/case

Biohazard Bags Red, 10 gallon (15"...

$87.40 $72.81Save: 17% off
Cardboard splint -center foam- 25/box 24"

Splints feature punch-out holes for tie...

$80.71 $68.99Save: 15% off

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