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LSP multilator, 8 C.F. assemblies with humidifiers

Multilator: eight 2-15 lpm Constant Flow Selector Valve...

LSP omni-vent D81 MRI compatible portable ventilator

The LSP Omni-Vent Portable Ventilator can be use for am...

LSP Oxygen regulator 0-25lpm 2 DISS, barb outlet

L270-220: 0-25 lpm, with gauge, 2 check valves, hose ba...

LSP Pediatric Immobilization board bag Only

Carry Bag for pediatric immobilization board....

LSP Pediatric immobilization board w/carrying case


LSP portable inhalator L228

Kit includes: oxygen regulator L270-250, 0-25 LPM, adul...

LSP Portable resuscitation system L111-010 in hard case

The LSP Portable Resuscitation Kit provides a fast, sim...

LSP ResusciTIMER Interactive CPR Monitor

With the innovative ResusciTIMER, experienced EMS profe...

LSP reusable Bag valve mask for child L238-210

Reusable Bag Valve Mask for child - Child Tru-Fit mask....

LSP Reusable bag valve Mask w/mask 0,1,2

Bag Mask Resuscitator Kit, Infant with Pop-Off, Size 0,...

LSP Rhino oxygen regulator 0-25 lpm barbed

LSP Rhino™ Series All-Brass Regulators.All Rhino regula...

LSP transport ventilator Autovent 4000 CPAP L760CPAP

New Autovent 4000 L760 basic unit with CPAP CONDITION: ...


New Products For December

Sith 50 SAR Pack Alpine-Style pack

Sith 50 SAR Pack The Sith 50 SAR is a...

Faretec CT-6 EMS Leg Traction Splint 1126626

The CT-6 is the latest innovation in le...

Army digital Large Transport Pack

The MOLLE compatible ACU digital transp...

Nylon straps Plastic double adj buckle/Big swivel speed

Nylon, Plastic double adjust buckle wit...

O2 cylinder M4 toggle valve 113 L

Capacity: 113L Weight: 2.6 lbs Fill pre...

Medical oxygen tank M6 toggle valve 164 L

Capacity: 164L Weight: 2.9 lbs Fill pre...

ADC Proscopes™ 670 Stethoscope dual head

The Proscope™ Dual Head combines lightw...

Oxygen regulator 0-100 PSI CGA-540

Single stage adjustable delivery pressu...

Nitrous Oxide single stage adj. regulator M1-326-PG

Single stage adjustable pressure delive...


Featured Products

TITAN EMS Oxygen regulator 0-15 LPM barbed

CGA-870, 0-15 lpm with hose barb NEW EM...

Rusch Quicktrach Emergency Cricothyrotomy kit 120900040

The rusch quicktrach emergency cricothy...

Roehampton Emergency Blanket 60 x 90

Roehampton Emergency blanket 60 x 90. Y...

Intubation kit conventional ilumination with supplies 8-1050-85

Airway Intubation kit w/supplies - Conv...

LSP Emergency Portable resuscitation system L175-040R

Portable resuscitation system LSP l175-...

C.A.T Combat Application Tourniquet 30-0001

The C-A-T® is a true one-handed tourniq...

Ambu Res-Cue Pump Hand Held Portable Suction Unit

Description The Ambu Res-Cue Pump is a ...

MRI compatible Infant/pediatric back board L484C


Kimberly Clark Child's Face Mask 75/case

Natural rubber, latex free. For use on ...


Monthly Specials For December

OB Kit, Standard w/ Infant Cap, Soft Pack Ref: 301-0960NL

OB Kits include everything necessary fo...

$19.80 $19.25Save: 3% off
Olaes™ Modular bandage 6" trauma bandage

NSN: 6510-01-558-3443 The Olaes™ Modula...

$9.75 $8.10Save: 17% off
LSP L063-030 demand valve 120 LPM hose/ mask

Both the Demand/Resuscitator Valves and...

$374.00 $325.00Save: 13% off


$15.60 $10.55Save: 32% off
Multi Trauma Dressing 12" x 30" 25/box

Multi-Trauma Dressing Sterile For treat...

$35.95 $33.25Save: 8% off
Disposable Sterile Burn Sheet 60" x 90"

Burn Sheet This sterile, non-woven burn...

$4.31 $4.28Save: 1% off
Mylar Emergency blanket 52" x 84"

Mylar Emergency Blanket Designed to ret...

$1.78 $1.38Save: 22% off
ADC Disposable penlight Assorted colors 22/box

Disposable penlight assorted colors 22/...

$35.83 $33.50Save: 7% off
Economic aneroid sphygmomanometer infant use

Economy Aneroid Sphygmomanometer is the...

$13.65 $12.95Save: 5% off

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