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LSP Minilator 0-15 lpm 5 Diss check valve

The LSP Minilator oxygen delivery system is an aluminum...

LSP Multilator C.E. 8 assemblies w/o humidifier

Multilator: eight 2-15 lpm Constant Flow Selector Valve...

LSP multilator, 8 C.F. assemblies with humidifiers

Multilator: eight 2-15 lpm Constant Flow Selector Valve...

LSP omni-vent D81 MRI compatible portable ventilator

The LSP Omni-Vent Portable Ventilator can be use for am...

LSP Oxygen regulator 0-25lpm 2 DISS, barb outlet

L270-220: 0-25 lpm, with gauge, 2 check valves, hose ba...

LSP Pediatric Immobilization board bag Only

Carry Bag for pediatric immobilization board....

LSP Pediatric immobilization board w/carrying case


LSP portable inhalator L228

Kit includes: oxygen regulator L270-250, 0-25 LPM, adul...

LSP Portable resuscitation system L111-010 in hard case

The LSP Portable Resuscitation Kit provides a fast, sim...

LSP ResusciTIMER Interactive CPR Monitor

With the innovative ResusciTIMER, experienced EMS profe...

LSP reusable Bag valve mask for child L238-210

Reusable Bag Valve Mask for child - Child Tru-Fit mask....

LSP Reusable bag valve Mask w/mask 0,1,2

Bag Mask Resuscitator Kit, Infant with Pop-Off, Size 0,...


New Products For July

MacIntosh larygoscope Blade English Profile # 1 Infant

MacIntosh Blades-ENGLISH PROFILE Hand-c...

Microshield Clear Mouth CPR Barrier

CPR Microshield 5"x5" (1/ea) ...

Rusch Safety Maguil cuff ET 5.0 mm10/box

Cuffed endotracheal tubes. Sterile grad...

Combitube - trainer 41 FR.

Combitube Trainer 41 Fr. Designed for e...

EGTA - Esophageal Gastric Tube Airway Kit

The esophagel (gastric tube) Airway kit...

Easy cap CO2 detector Latex Free

Easy cap® is an extra measure of safety...

Pedi cap CO2 detector

Pedi cap® is an extra measure of safety...

Thomas Endotracheal Tube holder Pediatric

Designed to secure the tube in place af...

Thomas Endotracheal tube holder. Adult. Ref:000-020500

Designed to secure the et tube in place...


Featured Products

C.A.T Combat Application Tourniquet 30-0001

The C-A-T® is a true one-handed tourniq...

Ambu Res-Cue Pump Hand Held Portable Suction Unit

Description The Ambu Res-Cue Pump is a ...

MRI compatible Infant/pediatric back board L484C


Kimberly Clark Child's Face Mask 75/case

Natural rubber, latex free. For use on ...

Face mask. Earloop. 50/box

Hypo allergenic face mask with soft ear...

$6.75 $4.95Save: 27% off
B and F Oxygen regulator 0-25 lpm, 2 diss, barbed

Allied’s line of B and F oxygen regulat...

Ambu Disposable Laryngeal Mask 1

Ambu Aura once  disposable curved laryn...

Rusch Quicktrach Cricothyrotomy kit Pediatric 120900020

The Rusch QuickTrach allows quick and s...


Monthly Specials For July



$15.60 $10.55Save: 32% off
Multi Trauma Dressing 12" x 30" 25/box

Multi-Trauma Dressing Sterile For treat...

$35.95 $33.25Save: 8% off
Disposable Sterile Burn Sheet 60" x 90"

Burn Sheet This sterile, non-woven burn...

$4.31 $4.28Save: 1% off
Mylar Emergency blanket 52" x 84"

Mylar Emergency Blanket Designed to ret...

$1.78 $1.38Save: 22% off
ADC Disposable penlight Assorted colors 22/box

Disposable penlight assorted colors 22/...

$35.83 $33.50Save: 7% off
Economic aneroid sphygmomanometer infant use

Economy Aneroid Sphygmomanometer is the...

$13.65 $12.95Save: 5% off
PVC Nasopharyngeal airway Kit 1234 9/BAG

PVC Airway • Latex-free • Beveled Tip •...

$36.27 $33.75Save: 7% off
Disposable Auraonce Laryngeal Mask Size 5 On Sale!

Description Ambu® AuraFlex™ is a dispos...

$14.85 $12.85Save: 13% off
INFU-SURG 1000mL Disposable Pressure Infuser 4010

Infu-surg 1000 ml. disposable pressure ...

$18.49 $16.50Save: 11% off

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