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MacIntosh Laryngoscope Blade American Profile # 2

MacIntosh Laryngoscope Blade American Profile # 2

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  • Model: 907-5-5052-02


McIntosh blade American  Profile No. 2  for child use

The MacIntosh series laryngoscopes are the predominant choice of the curved blade types. During laryngoscopy, the tip or “beak” of the blade is compressed into the angle formed by the base of the tongue and the epiglottis (vallecula), indirectly raising the epiglottis. The spatula of the blade has a smooth and gentle curve extending from the lock of the tip. In cross section, the construction resembles that of a reverse Z flange, facilitating greater access during intubation. Supplied with a frosted lamp providing defused illumination without shadows. Made of surgical Stainless Steel.

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