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MARK IV BABY w/mask 0A reservoir

MARK IV BABY w/mask 0A reservoir

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  • Model: 205-299 006 000
  • Manufactured by: Ambu Inc


Available in two sizes, the Ambu Mark IV Adult and Mark IV Baby resuscitators are easier to hold, easier to use, completely autoclavable for reuse and even more effective at what Ambu bags have been especially designed to help you do for more than fifty years - keep your patients breathing. Designed in accordance with the original double wall principle, the new 100 % latexfree.

Ambu bags are more robust and provide users with exceptional visual and tactile lung condition feedback during manual resuscitation, making operation safer and more secure. Built-in pressure limitation prevents compression if there is any resistance in the patient.


• Double wall bag provides built-in pressure limitation for patient safety
• Unique single-shutter valve system for reliable functionality
• Integrated handle for user comfort and uniform compression
• Entire Mark IV resuscitater, including the closed reservoir, can be autoclaved at 134 degrees. Closed reservoir also suitable for Mark IV Baby

• Pressure-limiting valve with override cap on Mark IV Baby for added infant protection's airways

Pulmonary resuscitation of neonates, infants and children with
a body weight of up to 20 kg (approx. 4-5 years)
Maximum volume delivered 300 ml
Length x diameter (including patient valve) 265 mm x 85 mm
Weight of the resuscitator (with patient valve, without oxygen
reservoir and mask) 190 g
Maximum frequency of ventilation:
Depends on the tidal volume used. The rate of expansion of the
bag is sufficiently fast for all frequencies recommended for practical use.
Patient connector 22 /15 mm (ISO)
Expiration connector (for PEEP valve attachment)
30 mm male (ISO)
Dead space < 6 ml
Leaks (both ways) Non-measurable
Inspiratory resistance
- at 50 l/min -0,37 kPa (-3,7 cmH2O)
- at 5 l/min -0,05 kPa (-0,5 cmH2O)
Expiratory resistance
- at 50 l/min 0,45 kPa (4,5 cmH2O)
- at 5 l/min 0,06 kPa (0,6 cmH2O)
Maximum attainable delivery pressure with compliance
of 0,01 l/kPa Approx. 11,5 kPa (115 cmH2O)
Pressure-limiting system:
Pressure-limiting valve opening pressure approx. 4 kPa
(40 cmH2O). If the pressure-limiting valve is overridden, the
elasticity of the outer cover of the bag limits the airway pressure to approx. 4.5 kPa (45 cmH2O) when squeezing the bag
normally with one hand
Bag reservoir volume 1500 ml
Oxygen reservoir tube Length: 250 mm
Volume: 100 ml
Inspiratory resistance of the oxygen reservoir bag (without supply of oxygen)
- at 50 l/min 0,1 kPa (1,0 cmH2O)
- at 5 l/min 0,01 kPa (0,1 cmH2O)
Application temperature -18°C to 50°C (0°F to 122°F)
Storage temperature -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)


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