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Personal Protection

Product Image Item Name- Price
Black Max - Box of 50 pairs Ref: 014-BLMX

Black Max The Black Max glove provides excellent protec...

Defender T - Box of 50 gloves Ref: 014- DFR12/25

Defender T - Small - Medium - Large - XL and 2XL The De...


New Products For October - Military Emergency medical Zone

X-Frame Non Magnetic Ferno stretcher 35 X Proflexx

STABLE - A Longer, Fixed Front Leg in t...

Proflexx 35 XST cot StatTrac Includes Mattress and straps

X-Frame Cot - 35X PROFlexX® STAT TRAC ...

Ferno 56 Powerflexx universal side arms, mattress and straps

POWERFlexx Powered Cot (Catalog ID: PT5...

Mattress for Ferno-flex 28 - Burgundy Model 359-8

Mattress: Model 28 Fernoflex™ - Burgund...

Proflexx 35P Oxygen bottle holder 35-P O2

PROFlexx™ 35-P Oxygen Bottle Holder ...


Model 513-LBS is designed for use with ...

PROFlexx™ Bariatric Tow Package (Except for the Model 93-H serie

PROFlexx™ Bariatric Tow Package (Except...

PROFlexx™ Bariatric Tow Package (Except for the Model 93-H serie

PROFlexx™ Bariatric Tow Package (Except...

PROFlexx™ 35-P SofShelf Lower Frame Storage, Black

PROFlexx™ 35-P SofShelf Lower Frame Sto...


Featured Products - Military Emergency medical Zone

TITAN EMS Oxygen regulator 0-15 LPM barbed

CGA-870, 0-15 lpm with hose barb NEW EM...

Rusch Quicktrach Emergency Cricothyrotomy kit 120900040

The rusch quicktrach emergency cricothy...

Roehampton Emergency Blanket 60 x 90

Roehampton Emergency blanket 60 x 90. Y...

Intubation kit conventional ilumination with supplies 8-1050-85

Airway Intubation kit w/supplies - Conv...

LSP Emergency Portable resuscitation system L175-040R

Portable resuscitation system LSP l175-...

C.A.T Combat Application Tourniquet 30-0001

The C-A-T® is a true one-handed tourniq...

Ambu Res-Cue Pump Hand Held Portable Suction Unit

Description The Ambu Res-Cue Pump is a ...

MRI compatible Infant/pediatric back board L484C


Kimberly Clark Child's Face Mask 75/case

Natural rubber, latex free. For use on ...


Monthly Specials For October

Tubecheck-B bulb style Ambu

This disposable esophageal intubation d...

$4.35 $4.05Save: 7% off
Disposable soft Go Stretcher 100DS

The GO Stretcher can be used in the fol...

$19.00 $15.75Save: 17% off
SOFT Tactical Tourniquet 2nd generation

The SOF Tactical Tourniquet is one of t...

$34.75 $26.75Save: 23% off
Hudson THERMAGARD heater model 5705

THERMAGARD® Heater * For use with Cat. ...

$990.00 $745.00Save: 25% off
Manual BVM w/neonate, toddler, infant mask

Ambu SPUR II is the only resuscitator t...

$25.03 $21.10Save: 16% off
Asherman Chest Seal Rusch

The Asherman chest seals unique circula...

$11.95 $11.15Save: 7% off
Biohazard bags 10 gallon 100/case

Biohazard Bags Red, 10 gallon (15"...

$87.40 $72.81Save: 17% off
Cardboard splint -center foam- 25/box 24"

Splints feature punch-out holes for tie...

$80.71 $68.99Save: 15% off
Face mask. Earloop. 50/box

Hypo allergenic face mask with soft ear...

$6.75 $4.95Save: 27% off

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