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Our mission is to provide the most variety selection of products at the lowest price and with the highest levels of service and customer satisfaction.  With our customer in mind we create Lifemedicalsupplier.com to serve the medical market needs including the EMS and Medical areas.

Lifemedicalsupplier.com is proud to offer a great selection of Emergency medical Equipment, medical products and supplies to the domestic market and  International customers around the world.  We do carry equipment and supplies with manufacturers such as Ferno Washington, Allied Healthcare Products, SunMed, Telefex, Rusch, Western Medica, EP and R, Morrison Medical, CMC Pro, Gomco, B & F, Life Support Products among the others.  From all of those we include equipment for Immobilization, Rescue, Patient transport, Airway management, Difficult intubation, Transport Ventilation, Water Rescue, Military and tactical emergencies, Extrication, Resuscitation for Breathing and Non breathing patients, Oxygen therapy, Demand valves etc.

We differentiate ourselves through a combination of unique Emergency Medical Equipment and supplies merged with unequaled standards of quality.

In this store you can find Emergency Medical Equipment, Medical Products and supplies for ambulance use, EMT Technicians, Fire departments, Paramedics, Rescue Teams, Law enforcement, Tactical, Military, Hospital and Clinics



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