<p>Adult Single Limb Patient Ventilator Circuit (L599-600)</p> <p>- Universal J type circuit (non-heated)</p> <p>- For use with Allied AHP300, Life Products® LP4, LP5, Aequitron® LP6, LP6 PLUS, LP10, PLV-100 and PLV-102, Nellcor Puritan-Bennett® Achieva® and Covidien® /Newport® HT50 and HT70 Ventilators</p> <p>- 6-foot circuit length, with 22 mm ventilator connection and 22 mm corrugated tubing</p> <p>- Exhalation Supply Line (0.137" I.D.) and Pressure Sensing Line (0.200" I.D.) with Tip Adapter</p> <p>- 64 ml dead space</p> <p> </p>