<p><b>Description</b><br /> <br /> Ambu® PEEP Valves are designed for use with manual resuscitators or ventilators, where specified by the manufacturer.<br /> The Ambu disposable PEEP valve 20 can be used in an MR enviromment. This means for example in the MR system room or close to the scanner. The following conditions must be meet:</p> <p>- Static magnetic field of 3-Tesla or less<br /> - Highest spatial gradient field of 720-Gauss/CM or less<br /> The PEEP valve is not intended to be in direct contact with a patient undergoing a MR procedure.<br /> Ambu Disposable PEEP valve 20 is adjustable between 1.5-20 H2O cm. It has a 30 mm connector.<br /> <b>Features Ambu</b><br /> <br /> PEEP Valves can be fitted directly to the patient valve of any original Ambu resuscitator and Ambu Matic without additional connectors.<br /> Ambu PEEP Valves provide unique resistance characteristics.<br /> <br /> <b>Specifications</b><br /> <br /> Ambu PEEP Valve 10:<br /> adjustable between 0-10 cm H2O.<br /> Ambu PEEP Valve 20:<br /> adjustable between 1.5 - 20 cm H2O.<br /> Weight approx. 40 g.<br /> Ambu PEEP Valves (reusable) may be autoclaved repeatedly at 134°C.</p>