<p><strong>Oxygen regulator 0-15 LPM, (2)Check Valves, Barb Outlet, With gauge.</strong></p> <p>B and F oxygen regulators offer an array of options, such as an easy to read flow rate window and a dial-in click-style flow controller ... making operation convenient for the variety of users.</p> <p>BandF oxygen regulators are available with or without a hose barb outlet ... with or without a DISS outlet … and with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.</p> <p><strong>FEATURES</strong>:</p> <p>• Uni-body construction designed to strengthen the regulator and prevent breakage.</p> <p>• Nickel-plated brass body for safe use in oxygen service.</p> <p>• Two body designs: Yoke inlet for small cylinders, nut and nipple inlet for large cylinders.</p> <p>• Compact, 1-1/2" diameter low-profile contents gauge with gauge protector.</p> <p>• Serrated dial-in flow control knob for ease of flow rate selection.</p> <p>• Large easy to read flow rate numbers.</p> <p>• Hose barb or DISS outlet provide secure connection of oxygen supply line to patient.</p>