<p>Disposable color coded Berman Airway 50/ box</p> <p>Disposable oral airways are latex free and now individually bagged. Airways are color-coded and manufactured with the millimeter size marked for instant identification. Our Berman and Traditional Guedels are made of polyethylene plastic.</p> <p><strong>OPTIONS:</strong></p> <p>1-1506-40     Newborn             COLOR: Pink         SIZE: 4cm / 40mm</p> <p>1-1506-50     Infant                 COLOR: Blue          SIZE: 5cm / 50mm</p> <p>1-1506-60     Small Child        COLOR: Black        SIZE: 6cm / 60mm</p> <p>1-1506-70     Child                  COLOR: White        SIZE: 7cm / 70mm</p> <p>1-1506-80     Small Adult        COLOR: Green       SIZE: 8cm / 80mm</p> <p>1-1506-90     Medium Adult    COLOR: Yellow       SIZE: 9cm / 90mm</p> <p>1-1506-99     Large Adult        COLOR: Red          SIZE: 10cm / 100mm</p> <p>1-1506-11     X-Large Adult     COLOR: Orange    SIZE: 11cm / 110mm</p>