<p><span class="title">Black CPARLENE® Full Manikin with Memory, Sanitary Head & Molded Hair</span><br /> Full positioning manikin provides instantaneous visual feedback in four practice modes: compression rate, compression depth, ventilation duration, and ventilation volume. Red light indicates improper hand placement. The performance of each skill is displayed separately while averages are stored in the memory. With the flip of a switch, the memory unit evaluates performance based on child or adult CPR standards. Printer test strip plots and tabulates test performance skills indicating good, high, and low results in either adult or child mode. Power saver feature automatically turns the unit off, but retains previous data. Also features a low-battery indicator. Complete with washable, long-sleeve jogging suit and durable storage/travel case with wheels.<br /> Full 3-Year Warranty</p> <p>Only the most durable, trouble-free CPR manikin could offer the longest and most comprehensive warranty available today. That's why every CPARLENE® CPR manikin carries Life/form's full three-year performance warranty. CPARLENE® is dependable, and we guarantee it! CPARLENE® is flexible and adaptable because it was designed with modular components that require no conversion kits. Every manikin and torso is completely upgradable and interchangeable. Superior quality, performance, and service...we guarantee it.</p> <p> </p>