<p>These single use, plastic airways are designed to offer the user an added edge in the quick treatment of patients. color inserts are coded to match the coding for the largest suction catheters that will pass through the airway.</p> <p>8 units per bag.</p> <p>COLOR-CODED GUEDEL</p> <p>• Color coded, disposable<br /> • Firm airway<br /> • Built-in bite block<br /> • Latex free - polyethylene plastic<br /> • Individually wrapped, non-sterile</p> <p>COLOR-CODED GUEDEL AIRWAY SET</p> <p>• Ideal for crash carts<br /> • Individually wrapped, non-sterile Designed and manufactured in accordance with ANSI standard for oralpharyngeal airways.</p> <p>One of each size: 1 Set</p> <p>40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110mm</p>