<p><font color="#000000" face="TIMES" size="2">Serves as two patient-handling devices in one: a stair chair and a stretcher. Folds in half for compact storage. High-back chair design supports the patient's head. Stationary or hinged 4" wheels enable movement over most surfaces. Lightweight aluminum frame is sturdy and durable. Folding head-end posts double as lift handles and conveniently fold underneath the stretcher for storage. Foot-end wheels fold flat for storage and snap into place for moving patients in the chair position.<br /> <br /> <b>S<font size="2">pecificat<font size="2">ions</font></font>: </b><br /> Height: 53" (135cm)<br /> Width: 20" (51 cm)<br /> Weight: 21 lbs. (10 kgs.)<br /> Max load: 350 lbs. (159 kgs.)<br /> Depth: 25" (64cm)<br /> Storage Length: 39" (99cm)</font></p> <p> </p>