<p>Kit of 6 with carrying case. it includes: hand and wrist, Half arm, full arm, foot and ankle, Half leg and full leg and foot. Air splints are designed for oral inflation with push/pull valves. plastic pressure splints for fractures, broken, crushed, or burned extremities. easy to use and economical.</p> <p>Ready to use</p> <p>Double-walled transparent vinyl plastic</p> <p>Prevents further damage to soft tissues, combats shock, and relieves pain</p> <p>Applies uniform pressure to the injured zone.</p> <p>The victim can be transported easiy to the hospital service for Xray</p> <p>Completely washable and reusable - can be sterilized by gas or cold solution</p> <p>Transparent - splint need not be removed for x-raying</p> <p> </p>