<p>The Stomp Medical Kit has a variety of contents and is used by professionals including medics and army personnel.</p> <p>Dimensions: 19" x 14" x 10", 18 lbs</p> <p>including:</p> <p>1 Hand Sanitizer 2oz.</p> <p>2 EMT Shears</p> <p>1 Calamine Lotion 6oz</p> <p>4 Stainless Steel Hemostats</p> <p>2 Lip Treatments</p> <p>2 Israeli Dressing 4"</p> <p>9 After Bite Wipes</p> <p>2 Israeli Dressing 6"</p> <p>1 Burn Spray</p> <p>1 Scalpel handle #3</p> <p>1 Instant Glucose</p> <p>6 Scalpel Blades</p> <p>40 Pain Relievers</p> <p>1 Pen Light</p> <p>20 Ammonia Inhalants</p> <p>5 Suture Sets</p> <p>1 Blood Clotting Spray</p> <p>1 EFA - First Aid Book</p> <p>2 SAM / Universal Splint</p> <p>6 Safety Pins</p> <p>3 Triangular Bandages</p> <p>5 Pairs Latex Examination Gloves</p> <p>1 Cervical Collar</p> <p>10 Skin and Eye Wash</p> <p>3 Elastic Bandage 6"</p> <p>20 Triple Antibiotic Packages</p> <p>6 Elastic Bandage 2"</p> <p>5 Burn Aid Packages</p> <p>5 Sterile Sponges 4x4 inches 20 Alcohol Wipes</p> <p>10 Gauze Sponges 2"x2"</p> <p>100 Iodine Wipes</p> <p>10 Abdominal Pads 5x9 inches</p> <p>25 Antiseptic BZK Wipes</p> <p>4 BleedStop Bandages</p> <p>2 Elastic Bandage Gauze 4.5"x 4yds.</p> <p>5 Eye Pads</p> <p>2 CPR Mask</p> <p>4 Airways</p> <p>100 Assorted Sizes Bandage Strips</p> <p>10 Butterfly Strips</p> <p>5 Tongue Depressors</p> <p>20 Bandage Strips 2x3 inches</p> <p>2 Emergency Blankets, 52x84 inches</p> <p>20 Knuckle Bandages</p> <p>2 Multi Trauma Dessings, 20x30 inches</p> <p>3 Instant Ice Packs</p> <p>3 Quick Clot</p> <p>3 Tape, Rolls, Adhesive</p> <p>1 Pair of Tweezers</p> <p>1 Stethoscope</p> <p>1 Needle Probe</p> <p>1 Blood Pressure Cuff Kit</p> <p><strong>Available in Colors:</strong> Black, Tan, Red, OD, ACU</p> <p>005-FA140 Color Tan</p> <p>005-FA140ACU Color ACU</p> <p>005-FA140BK Color Black</p> <p>005-FA140OD Color OD</p> <p>005-FA140R Color Red</p>