<ul> <li>Convenient kit contains all eight sizes disposable CATH-GUIDE airways in a sturdy, compact case</li> <li>Also includes flanged connectors to allow the airways to be assembled into three sizes of LIFESAVER Tubes</li> <li>Sold individually</li> </ul> <p>Individual LIFESAVER Tubes Cat. No. 1175, 1176, 1177 replaced by Cat. No. 1173<br /> <br /> Hudson emergency lifesaver® kit provides an immediate and effective means to revive a nonbreathing patient, as well as maintain the breathing capability of an unconscious voluntary breather. Eight sizes of disposable cath-guide airways easily assemble into three sizes of resuscitation tubes for mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing. Kit is lightweight and compact. Our own smaller version of the Hudson® airway kit contains airways #1- #6 in a compact case.</p>