<p>Ferno-Flex® Model 28 Roll-In Chair Cot (Catalog ID: PT2801)With mattress and straps. BURGUNDY and ORANGE</p> <p>The Model 28 Ferno-Flex Roll-In Chair Cot readily converts from a level cot to a contoured chair for maneuvering ease in narrow hallways, elevators, and other confined spaces. Four semi-reclining chair angles allow the patient to be in the most comfortable position. Sectional mattress folds to match the contour of the cot. Two height positions permit patient transfer from hospital beds or the ground.</p> <p>Complete with mattress an straps.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>Features: </strong></p> <p>Rectangular, tubular aluminum construction provides durability and strength.<br /> Plastic bearings are provided on rotating components for easy movement.<br /> Spring-actuated folding legs minimize the lifting effort required by EMTs.<br /> Swing-down sidearms enable convenient patient transfer.<br /> Converts to a wheeled chair for maneuvering in close quarters or to fit into elevators<br /> Adjustable backrest angle from 0º - 75º allows patient to be in a comfortable position during transport.<br /> Greaseless 5" wheels, with two stationary and two swivel wheels to assist in maneuvering. </p> <p><strong>Product Specifications </strong></p> <p>Length: 75" (190 cm)<br /> Width: 23" (53 cm)<br /> Height: Max: 34" (86 cm) Min: 8" (20 cm)<br /> Loading: 25" (64 cm)<br /> Chair: 55" (140 cm)<br /> Chair Depth: 45" (114 cm)<br /> Weight: 67 lb. (30 kg)<br /> Load Limit: 650 lb. (295 kg)</p>