<p>TITAN EMS oxygen regulator with flow from 0-25 lpm and barb outlet for oxygen mask or cannulas. No DISS outlets.</p> <p>The picture shows the model MPR-802 that comes with 2 check valves. Whether its EMS, ambulance, fire rescue or tactical medical use, Titan™ Oxygen Regulators will provide durable, impact-resistant service. With 100% brass body construction, they’ve got the guts to withstand emergency conditions, keeping your costs down and availability up! The Titan Regulator’s flow selector is exceptionally durable. Six models are available, all with a nickel plated brass body for fire resistance.</p> <p><strong>FEATURES:</strong></p> <p>All brass construction in high pressure, low pressure and relief zones<br /> Brass internal components – no aluminum wetted by high pressure oxygen<br /> Durable and secure flow controller made of brass<br /> Laser etched aluminum knob is permanent and easy to read<br /> Hose barb secured using robust thread to reduce chance of breakage<br /> 20 micron sintered bronze inlet filter<br /> Teflon® FEP100 pressure regulating seat<br /> Viton® and silicone o-rings<br /> Fasteners and springs are stainless steel</p>