<ul> <li>Fully retractable is a single splint which adjusts to both adult & pediatric sizes</li> <li>Heel rest folds flat</li> <li>Unique Hex Lock mechanism for quick positive locking</li> <li>Includes all slings, ratchets, hitches and bag</li> </ul> <p><b>Molded Ratchet</b></p> <p>This retractable, space-saving splint features a unique Hex Lock Mechanism to adjust for length quickly and easily. Simply twist in either direction to lock and turn back to the middle to open. The aluminum ratchet also has a micro adjustment so that the proper amount of tension can always be generated. Adult model (QD-4) specs-ext length 54”, cl length 32”, width 9”, weight 7 lbs. Pediatric model (QD-3) specs -ext length 45”, cl length 29”, width 6.5”, weight 6 lbs. Each unit comes complete with necessary components and carrying case.</p>