<p>Combo traction splint adult and pediatric, aluminum ratchet.</p> <p>The QD-4 Traction Leg Splint comes in complete kit with straps, ankle hitch and carrying case included. Hex Lock allows for easy adjustment, in the worst of conditions.</p> <p>Protect your patient from additional hemorrhage and additional nerve, vascular, bone and muscle damage. Available with 2 different rachets:</p> <p>Compact, Strong, Light</p> <p>Aluminum or Molded Ratchet</p> <p>Integral Strap System</p> <p>Field tested</p> <p>QD-4 traction splint fits Pedi to Adult</p> <p>Intuitive Adjusting System</p> <p>Minimal patient movement</p> <p>QD-3 Pediatric traction splint</p> <p> </p>