<p>Model 513-11 NM IV Pole (Catalog ID: CA5136)</p> <p>The 513 Series Cot-Mounted Folding IV Poles permanently mount to a cot's main frame. The pole folds down alongside the cot mattress for storage when not in use. When raised, a twist lock secures the IV pole in its upright position. Durable nylon insert provides smooth, straight extension of telescoping IV pole. Adjustable height allows EMTs to place IV solutions at appropriate level. When fully extended, IV pole fits inside modular ambulance rear door openings without having to readjust pole height. Large hook-and-loop straps stabilize IV containers.</p> <p><b>Features: </b></p> <p>Permanently mounts to cot's main frame<br /> Adjustable height for placement of IV solutions at appropriate levels<br /> Poles are nonmagnetic for MRI use. (excluding Model 513-LBS)<br /> Capable of holding four one-liter containers of fluid and two transport IV pumps<br /> Large hook-and-loop straps stabilize IV containers<br /> Folds along cot mattress for easy storage (excluding Model 513-13)<br /> Lock sleeve secures pole in upright position<br /> Model 513-11 is specifically made for Ferno-Flex Model 28 Cot Product</p> <p><b>Specifications: </b></p> <p>Length: Max: 43" (111 cm) Min: 29" (74 cm)<br /> Weight: 3 lb. (1 kg)<br /> Load Limit: 50 lb. (22.6 kg)</p>