<p>EZ-Glide w/Track & ABS Panels (Catalog ID: PT5900)</p> <p>The EZ Glide can be used as a stair chair, evacuation chair, and transport chair. You will appreciate the ergonomic design, meant to reduce the physical strain of moving patients. The EZ Glide's track system allows you to glide the chair down stairs without lifting and carrying and provides ample clearance for easy turns on carpet. The five-position extending lift-handles and lift bar work with the front swivel-wheels to provide excellent maneuverability in confined spaces such as stair landings. Available in Rescue Red, and Electric Blue.</p> <p><b>Features: </b></p> <p><b>Maneuverable</b></p> <p>7/8" track-to-ground clearance provides easier maneuverability over all surfaces, even with tracks deployed</p> <p>Smooth 4" front swivel wheels and extra tall 6" rear wheels do not collect debris and provide maneuverability in confined spaces such as stair landings</p> <p><b>Strong </b></p> <p>500 lb. weight capacity accommodates larger patients</p> <p>Positive locking hinge mechanism ensures chair is locked in place whether deployed for use or folded for storage</p> <p><b>Durable</b></p> <p>All metal frame construction allows you to carry bariatric patients</p> <p>Seat area available in two snap-on ABS plastic panels or a removable one-piece vinyl cover</p> <p><b>Comfortable </b></p> <p>512 square inches of patient surface with extending footrest</p> <p>Choose from multiple restraint options, including the Kwik Klip restraint system EZier</p> <p>Ergonomic, five-position lift bar and handles reduces strain of lifting for operators of various heights</p> <p><b>Product Specifications:</b></p> <p>Height: 37.5" (95 cm)</p> <p>Width:</p> <p>Overall: 20.3" (52 cm)  Seat: 16.5" (42 cm)</p> <p>Depth:</p> <p>Max Open: 51" (130 cm) Min Open: 28" (73 cm)</p> <p>Seat: 16" (41 cm)  Folded: 8" (20 cm)</p> <p>Rear Lift Bar Positions: 37.5"/44"/50.5"/57"/63.5" (95/112/128/145/161 cm)</p> <p>Front Lift Handle Positions: 5.4"/8.8"/12.2"/15.6"/19" (14/22/31/40/48 cm)</p> <p>Weight: 33 lb. (15 kg)</p> <p>Load Limit: 500 lb. (227 kg)</p>