<p>Fastrap™ Quick Restraint System (Catalog ID: RS7700) The Ferno Fastrap™ Quick Restraint 10-point, six-strap system is used to secure patients to backboards and other devices. It is designed for easy storage and rapid application in patient immobilization. The color-coded Fastrap is black, red, yellow, green and gray, sequentially coded. The Fastrap system is constructed of nylon webbing with hook-and-loop closures at the ends of the straps. The Fastrap system is compatible with Ferno backboards and Scoop stretchers.<br /> <br /> Size is adjustable from adult to pediatric. Features: Ten-point, six-strap system used to secure patients to backboards and other restraint devices Nylon with hook-and-loop closures Size adjustable from pediatric to adult Easy storage and rapid application Compatible with the Millennia Plastic Backboard, Phenolic Wooden Backboard Series, 65 Scoop and 65 EXL Scoop Stretchers Product Specifications V-Strap: 60" (154 cm) Chest, Pelvic, Thigh Straps: 66" (168 cm) Wrist Strap: 21" (53 cm) Foot Strap: 46" (117 cm) Weight: 2 lb. (689 g)</p>