<p><b>Product Specifications: </b></p> <p>Length: 72" (183 cm)</p> <p>Width: 16" (46 cm)</p> <p>Height: 2" (5 cm)</p> <p>Load Capacity: 450lb. (159 kg)</p> <p><span style="background-color: #ffff00;">Ferno Millennia™ Boards (Catalog ID: IE8050)</span><br /> The Millennia™ Plastic Backboard’s design provides maneuverability in close confinement. Its contoured shape with easy-slide features allows for efficient and smooth patient movement. Due to its lightweight, innovative construction, the Millennia has a 350-pound load capacity. The Millennia is made of a foam-filled construction and contains five pairs of X-ray translucent polycarbonate speed clip pins which are offset for various strapping configurations. Millennia Backboards are X-ray translucent, easy to clean and can be used for water rescue.</p> <p><b>Features:</b></p> <p>Slick surface for easy transfer<br /> Minimal deflection for improved patient stabilization Wider, longer handholds for increased EMT control.<br /> Compact, tapered design for easy maneuverability and storage Sealed construction for resistance to fluids, chemicals and temperature<br /> 10 X-ray-translucent, polycarbonate speed-clip pins arranged for various strapping configurations<br /> Special mounting slots for the Ferno Model 445 Head Immobilizer<br /> Available in 16" and 18" widths and an assortment of colors, including burgundy, yellow, white, orange and blue</p>