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Ferno POWERFlexx Powered Cot (Catalog ID: PT5600 - Item 0015651)complete with mattress and straps.

The POWERFlexx lifts and lowers patient loads up to 700 lbs at the push of a button, without lift assistance. The cot lifts the 700 lb. weight, not the operator.

Increase your confidence knowing the cot can handle almost any size of patient while greatly reducing situations where you may injure your back.

PLUS, eliminate the need for battery management with the Integrated Charging System (ICS).

      • 700 lb Lifting Capacity with no lift assistance may reduce back injuries
      • 1000 lb transport capable in lowest position
      • 24 Volt DC Power Pack with Hydraulic Actuator Unit provides smooth and reliable lifting.
      • Manual Release Handle allows operators to adjust cot height without using the power system
      • Lead-Acid Battery has no memory and provides power for 20 full squad runs.
      • Battery Charge Indicator placed at operator end for easy reference to battery level.
      • All Metal Frame Construction for strength, long service life, and better performance with heavy patients
      • Rigorously tested in a full range of operating environments and extreme temperature conditions from -40° F - 160° F.
      • Improved Patient Surface increases surface length by 6¼ inches.
      • Dual Lifting Cylinders and Rails provide smooth and even lifting for greater patient sense of security
      • Wide Thumb Controls provide effective gripping and control from a variety of positions with or without gloves
      • Five Position Drop-frame and multi-position Foot-end Lift Bar provide better leverage for lifting and loading and accommodates movement in confined spaces.
      • Infinite bed height adjustment from 12" to 41" includes the highest load height of any cot on the market.
      • 6" wheels provide better transport over all types of terrain
    • No Lift Assistance is required, reducing situations where operators may injure their back.
    • Wide Wheel Base, Placement of Motor & Battery, and proper X-frame positioning create lower center of gravity and higher stability.
    • Smooth Finish, Anodized Aluminum Main-Frame eliminates collection points for blood and pathogens and prevents unsightly wear and tear.
    • Reflective Labeling increases visibility at night
    • Powder-coated frame available in rescue red, day-glo green, electric blue, safety orange and platinum

Product Specifications

Maximum: 83" (211 cm)
Minimum: 61" (155 cm)
24" (61 cm)
Bed Height Range:
13"- 41" (33-104 cm)
Max Loading Height:
34" (84 cm)
132 lb. (60 kg)
Lifting Capacity:
700 lb. (318 kg)
Load Limit:
Loading Position: 700 lb. (318 kg)
Lowest Position: 1000 lb. (450 kg)
24 VDC

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