<p>Ferno Large Body Surface (LBS). POWERFlexx™ LBS: Large Body Surface - Center Mount Fastener Required; 175-3, 175-4 or StatTrac™ </p> <p>A first-of-its-kind product, the LBS folds flat for easy storage in the ambulance, yet can be on the PROFlexx® Cot and ready for use in minutes. The LBS design increases the width of the standard cot to accommodate larger patients, but still fits comfortably through a standard door opening. Moreover, none of the functionality of the cot is compromised. The LBS is supplied complete with all mounting hardware needed for attaching it to the existing PROFlexx® and POWERFlexx Cots, and a restraint extension kit that lenthens the standard PROFlexx® restraints to fit larger patients onto the LBS-fitted cot.</p> <p><b>Features: </b></p> <p>Quickly converts any Ferno PROFlexx or POWERFlexx cot into a bariatric transfer system.<br /> No need to purchase a specialized cot for a specific need.<br /> Supports up to 1000 pounds when special loading techniques are used<br /> Attaches easily to Models 35-P, 93-P PROFlexx, and POWERFlexx Cots.<br /> Increases patient surface to 34" wide.<br /> Provides greater support and comfort for a large patient.<br /> Folds easily and fits into confined ambulance spaces, such as a backboard compartment.<br /> Includes five restraint extenders<br /> Includes a Model 132 Manta Rescue Aid for patient transfer</p> <p><b>Product Specifications:</b></p> <p>Length: 54" (138 cm)<br /> Width:<br /> Open: 34" (86 cm)<br /> Folded: 17" (43 cm)<br /> Depth:<br /> Open: 2" (5 cm)<br /> Folded: 4" (11 cm)<br /> Weight:<br /> 25 lb. (11 kg)<br /> Load Limit:<br /> 1000 lb. (454 kg)</p>