<p>Specifications:<br /> Contents NOT included<br /> One-size-fits-all (over clothes) with Velcro® adjustments on the front, shoulders, and sides. Makes ordering EMS safety vests a breeze for larger departments with many different personnel<br /> 5 Point tear away design allows user to free themselves from possible obstacles or entanglement<br /> Two main organizer front pockets for easy access to equipment<br /> Zippered side pockets allow for quickly stashing items or retrieving<br /> Radio/cell phone webbing attachment points<br /> Pen and scissor holders<br /> Removable name plates on front and back for identification of personnel or departments<br /> Added more durable reflective material that has a protective outer mesh cover which shields it from wear and tear. Helps with visibility in nighttime situations while using this EMS vest<br /> LED light Attachment point (lights sold separately)<br /> Set up Fee’s are required for orders of 30 or less, orders over that amount the set up fee is waived<br /> Available Color: ANSI Yellow<br /> Capacity: 150 in3 (Front Pockets)</p>