<p>CLEAR POLYCARBONATE COLLECTION BOTTLES- Gomco polycarbonate collection bottles are designed for convenient handling by the end user. Unlike their glass counterparts, the polycarbonate collection bottles are virtually unbreakable, combining the convenience of glass with the safety of polycarbonate.<br /> <br /> <u>Features:</u></p> <p>Reusable</p> <p>Gas and steam sterilizable</p> <p>Allow visual inspection of fluid level, color and consistency</p> <p>Adapt to all standard hospital piping systems</p> <p>Available in gallon and half-gallon sizes</p> <p>Eliminate chipped tops</p> <p>Gomco polycarbonate bottle assemblies incorporate a positive shut-off cap and float assembly that interrupts the suction to help prevent fluid carryover into the vacuum pump. The cap and float assembly includes a hospital patient port to help prevent the kinking of suction tubing, and a hose stem vacuum inlet.</p> <p>Gomco clear polycarbonate bottles allow visual inspection of fluid level, color and consistency. Tops are designed not to chip, which would result in a poor seal. The bottles won't shatter when accidentally dropped, and temperature changes in a cart washer crack them. The clear polycarbonate collection bottles are more convenient and more economical than glass.</p> <p> </p>