<p><span style="background-color: #ff0000;">01-90-3100-KIT Bacteria filter for Gomco. 10 pkg /case and 3/pkg.</span><br /> <br /> The Gomco High Efficiency Bacteria Filter is custom engineered to help prevent fluid<br /> and aerosol contamination of portable suction systems. This filter features a hydrophobic, microporous membrane which filters air with maximum efficiency while blocking the flow of aqueous fluids and aerosol contaminants. It protects against contamination by preventing the overflow from reaching the pump.<br /> <br /> Filter efficiency - 99.97% D.O.P retention (0.3 micron particles air)<br /> Compatible with virtually any portable suction system<br /> Should be located in-line between the suction collection canister and the inlet pump housing<br /> Effective filter area - 7.3 cm2 (squared)<br /> Size - 2.25" x 1.75"<br /> Product Number 3928 accepts 1/4" to 1/2" ID flexible tubing<br /> Product Number 3100 is installed in all applicable Gomco Suction Pumps by simply screwing the threaded end into the vacuum and filter connection.</p>