<p>G180 110-230V 50/60 Hz with one 1500 disposable canister</p> <p>OptiVac ® base unit, 550 mm Hg, 30+ lpm, battery operating time 3 hours<br /> Includes – (1) 1500 ml disposable canister, (1) 15” clear tubing, (1) 72”<br /> clear tubing, (3) disposable hydrophobic/bacteria filters, (1) power cord<br /> with hospital grade plug. 110-230 Volt 50-60 Hz.<br /> <br /> The OptiVac was created to service a variety of today's medical environments. OptiVac's compact design, ease of operation, AC power supply, rechargeable battery and self-contained elements are only a few of the advanced features.</p> <p>SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: 16.8" W x 7.5" D x 9.4" H (427 mm x 191 mm x 239 mm)</p> <p>Weight: 11.4 lbs. (5.18 kg)</p> <p>Vacuum Range: -25 to -550 mm Hg</p> <p>Vacuum Flow: Greater than 30 lpm at open flow</p> <p>AC Operation: 110-230 volts, 50/60 Hz</p> <p>DC Operation: 12 volt DC battery</p> <p>Battery Type: Sealed lead acid</p> <p>Battery Life at Maximum: Vacuum: 3 hours at 550 mm Hg</p> <p>Battery Charge Time: Full charge in 8 hours</p> <p>Battery Charge Status: Yes; 5 indicator lights</p> <p>Bad Battery Sensor: Yes; 5 red LEDs</p> <p>Battery Depleted: Unit automatically shuts off</p> <p>AC Charger: Internal charger</p> <p>Operation with Depleted Yes; charging circuit can run on AC Battery: if battery is depleted</p> <p>Operating Temperature: -4°F to 120°F</p> <p>Sound Level: Less than 60 dBA</p> <p>UL/ETL Listed: Yes</p> <p>Warranty: 3 years on unit, 1 year on battery</p> <p>Regulatory Approvals: FDA, CE, HC</p>