<p><b>WIS-HIPPLE</b><br /> <br /> Modification of the Wisconsin blade with a circular flange. Compared to the Wisconsin or Wis-Foregger blade, the flange tends to be straighter and run parallel with the spatula. This blade was designed primarily for use in infants. The tip, or beak, of the Wis-Hipple is wider and well adapted in lifting the epiglottis.</p> <p><em><strong>OPTIONS:</strong></em></p> <p>5-5234-20    Premature     SIZE: 0     LENGTH: 65mm    HEIGHT: 13mm</p> <p>5-5234-00    Newborn       SIZE: 0     LENGTH: 76mm    HEIGHT: 13mm</p> <p>5-5234-01    Infant            SIZE: 1     LENGTH: 102mm  HEIGHT: 13mm</p> <p>5-5234-15    Small Child   SIZE: 1.5 LENGTH: 115mm   HEIGHT: 14mm</p>