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Emergency Backboards, Spineboards, medical backboards

Emergency Backboards, Spineboards, medical backboards

Aluminum and Plastic Backboards - Long Spine boards - Emergency

Emergency backboards, Medical backboards, spine boards or long spine boards are used in conjunction with the cervical collar, head immobilizer, and restraint straps or Spider Straps. All of those well knows as Immobilization and extrication devices for patient transport.   Many models can be used in water rescue.

Medical Spineboards types

There are different types of spineboards or backboards based on the material, use, and specifications for EMS Emergency Services. Based on the material you will find plastic backboards, aluminum and wooden, some of them for water rescue. According to the specs, you will find the Folding Backboards. Also known as rigid stretchers there are standard models 16 inches wide, 18 and 20.


Emergency Medical Backboards Manufacturers:

We offer a great selection from manufacturers such as Ferno, EP & R, Junkin Safety, Kemp USA, Iron Duck, LSP, Morrison Medical, and many others.

Many colors available: White, Red, Yellow, Green, Lime Green, Orange, Burgundy, Black, Blue, Tactical Black, OD


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