<p>Inovel Moldex N95 Particulate respirator. 20/box, medium size.</p> <p>Extra comfort – there’s no metal nose band to pinch the nose. A contoured shape and soft foam nose cushion provide all-day comfort.</p> <p>• Easy to fit – features a molded nose bridge and is available in a variety of sizes.</p> <p>• Cooler to wear – a deep filter design provides cooler use.</p> <p>• Collapse resistant – durable mesh construction won’t collapse on your face.</p> <p>• Fluid resistant – 160 mm Hg</p> <p>• BFE >99.9%</p> <p>• Color coded – sizes are easily identifiable for quick and accurate selection.</p> <p>• Outer Dura-Mesh® shell – prevents hand or glove contact with filter media.</p> <p>• Meets CDC guidelines – TB exposure control standards.</p> <p>• Latex free</p>