<p>LIFE-O2-LSS - LIFE®StartSystem, includes LIFE®O2 Emergency Oxygen with 6&12 LPM regulator for AHA recommended 100% inspired oxygen.</p> <p>LIFE®StartSystem™ fits Philips OnSite and FRx AEDs for workplace first-aid programs and first responders.</p> <p>LIFE®O2 offers a 2 flow-rate regulator to deliver the FDA minimum of 6 LPM "NORM" for “General” emergency situations, and 12 LPM "HIGH" for the AHA recommended 100% inspired oxygen in “Extreme” emergency situations, with a 15+ minute supply of 113 liters of oxygen and Constant Reading Supply Gauge</p> <p>Smaller than a briefcase at 12"x12"x3" and weighs only 8lbs…durable & water resistant</p> <p>Durable knurled-knob On/Off valve, prevents accidental turning on during transit</p> <p>Fits nicely in standard AED wall cabinet</p> <p>Provides supplemental emergency oxygen to a breathing victim before the onset of fibrillation or after successful defibrillation</p> <p>LIFE® CPR Mask and one-way valve universally fits both adult & child;</p> <p>Inhalator for a breathing victim and Resuscitator for a non-breathing victim</p> <p>Disposable/Replaceable (or refillable) cylinder, Non-Prescription, shipped full of O2 ready-to-use (Purchase Philips OnSite and FRx AEDs separately)</p>