<p>L190-GR Advantage with gauge and regulator, 115V power cord</p> <p>When Time and Performance Are Critical! The LSP Advantage Emergency Portable Suction Unit is designed for use by emergency medical personnel in the field, and for use within ambulances and helicopters when transporting patients to medical facilities. Continuous Operation - Ready When You Are ... 24/7 The Advantage has the unique ability to operate at optimal performance from three locations : an emergency vehicle docking station, an AC power outlet, and as a portable stand - alone source of emergency medical suction. The unit can run at full performance while plugged in ... no matter what the battery charge. If the battery is dead, drained or damaged, the unit will operate at full performance while plugged into wall power or the docking station. Longest Run Time Before Recharging The Advantage provides a 75 - minute battery run time at full suction before the indicator lights signify the need to recharge. Internal Charger Capable of Fully Recharging the Battery in Less Than 6 Hours Even if the unit is critically low on battery power, just plug into AC power or the docking station to obtain full performance. And, the unit will run for approximately 60 minutes after being charged for just 2 hours. No down time The LSP Advantage is the latest advancement in portable suction equipment.</p> <p>Lightweight and rugged, it operates from an AC/DC power outlet or independently on battery power.</p> <p>The Advantage is designed specifically for use by emergency personnel in the field. Its powerful vacuum can reach 550 mm Hg and it can run for 75 minutes at full power on battery. An optional ambulance docking/charging station is available.</p>