<p>L770-040 Adult BVM, confiend space resuscitator with reservoir, mask, flex tubing, 7' oxygen tubing (no pressure relief)</p> <p>L770 Series Bag Valve Masks with 3' Circuit The L770 disposable bag valve masks feature a 3-foot circuit between the bag and the mask to allow resuscitation in confined spaces or while seated in an ambulance. Each BVM also comes with a mask restraint to secure the mask to the patient during stand-off ventilation.</p> <p>SPECIFICATIONS :<br /> BAG VOLUME:<br /> Adult: 1488 ml<br /> Child: 665 ml<br /> Infant: 258 ml<br /> PATIENT VALVE DEAD SPACE: 7.8 ml (not including mask)<br /> PATIENT CONNECTION:<br /> 22 mm outside diameter, 15 mm inside diameter<br /> PEEP CONNECTION: 30 mm outside diameter<br /> OPERATING TEMPERATURE: –30°F to 125°F<br /> STORAGE TEMPERATURE: –40°F to 160°F<br /> MATERIALS:<br /> Bag: Thermoplastic Rubber (a Latex-free synthetic material)<br /> Mask: Alpha PVC 3006-95<br /> Deflector: High density polyethylene<br /> Valve and Oxygen Enrichment Ports: Phillips 66 KRO3<br /> Single Use Packaging: Tamper-proof polybag<br /> BAG SIZE VS. PATIENT MASS:<br /> Adult (>40 Kg.)<br /> Child (10 to 20 Kg.)<br /> Infant (<10 Kg.)</p>