<p>LSP Autovent 4000 with electronic alarm package. Model L763, optional CPAP.  Child and adult settings.</p> <p>Pneumatically powered ... durable and light, with all basic models weighing less than 5 lbs.</p> <p>Independent settings for the critical ventilation parameters of Breaths Per Minute, Inspiratory Time, Tidal Volume, and Airway Pressure Relief.</p> <p>Manual Breath Button and Anti-Breath Stacking standard on all models.</p> <p>Large color-coded Manometer Gauge along with a full set of alarms to ensure optimal performance and patient safety.</p> <p>0ptional Air Mixing provides 65% 0 concentration for extended cylinder life during lengthy transports.</p> <p>The capabilities of ventilation and CPAP in one system.</p> <p>Available with optional CPAP</p>