<p> </p> <p><strong>MAD 800 Pediatric Mucosal Atomization Device with syringe, 25/box.</strong></p> <p><strong>Child-friendly</strong></p> <ul> <li>Bright colors in a toy-like presentation make the procedure less scary<br /> for young patients.</li> <li>Non-invasive<br /> <br /> <b>No Sharps</b></li> <li>Eliminates risk of a needlestick injury</li> <li>Eliminates the fear associated with needles<br /> <br /> <b>Flexible</b></li> <li>Internal stylet provides support, maleability, and memory</li> <li>Practitioner can curve the desired shape<br /> <br /> <b>Reliable</b></li> <li>Solutions disperse evenly in any position</li> <li>Consistent, fine atomized spray</li> <li>No clogging<br /> <br /> <b>Disposable</b></li> <li>Single patient use</li> <li>Eliminates risk of cross-contamination<br /> <br /> <b>Practitioner controlled</b></li> <li>Patient needs targeted specifically by medication, concentration,<br /> position and location</li> <li>Exact dosing possible<br /> <br /> <b>Variable length</b></li> <li>Stylet advances through MADdy's mouth to reach desired position<br />  </li> </ul>