<p><b>Optimum Rescue Vest-Plus (O.R.V.-Plus)</b></p> <p>Crafting the ultimate in function and ease of application, EP+R has improved on this classic extrication device. Designed to safely and securely remove a patient from the most perilous positions. The O.R.V. is constructed with tri-laminated rip stop nylon for long wear in the field. It also comes with a convenient carry case</p> <p>* Additional Notable Improvements:</p> <p>* Centered notch allows better access to back of head for padding work.</p> <p>* Wider head piece, allowing better securing of head if in flexed position. First segment is smooth for easier taping into position. </p> <p>* Ability to fold back top area of chest flaps for well-developed upper bodies and for access for electrodes. </p> <p>* Leg straps are centered for anatomical correctness </p> <p>* White female buckles positioned better for receiving leg straps</p> <p>* Long chest strap sewn to left side prevents tangling</p> <p>* All static webbing is coated to prevent contamination</p> <p* at="" better="" body="" bottom="" chest="" coverage="" flaps="" for="" most="" of="" p="" wider=""> <p>* 1 Deceleration strap for holding shoulders back (Yellow)</p> <p>* 2 Take down straps (Orange)</p> </p*>