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Aluminum Oxygen Cylinders, tanks

Aluminum Oxygen Cylinders, tanks

Aluminum Oxygen O2 Cylinders -Tanks-  Medical use

Full range of fiber-wrapped, aluminum oxygen cylinders O2 tanks or oxygen bottles for medical use

Tye of Oxygen tanks by Capacity

Type MM : capacity: 3500 liters

Type M90: Capacity  2549 liters 

Type M60: Capacity 1699 liters

Type E: Capacity: 648 Liters

Type Jumbo D: Capacity: 623 Liters

Type D: Capacity 425 Liters

Type E: Capacity: 648 Liters

Type C: Capacity: 244 Liters

O2 Cylinders are available with different type of valves CGA 540 - CGA 870 - toggle valve - posted valve, Z valve and the unique Surgex Post valve for Fire Prevention.  We also carry bags and cases, and transport carts.

To brands such as Cramer Decker, Allied Healthcare Products, Western Medical and Mada medical.

All cylinders are manufactured in accordance with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) 3AL and Transport Canada (TC) 3ALM requirements.

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