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Emergency Oxygen kits

Emergency Oxygen kits

Emergency Oxygen Medical kits

Medical oxygen kits the emergency equipment for oxygen delivery for  breathing and non breathing patients.

Components for Oxygen kits for Emergency response:

- Aluminum Cylinder -Different Sizes-
- Oxygen regulator with an adjustable flow
- Nasal cannula
- Or Oxygen mask
- Oxygen cart, Shoulder bag or Hard case.

Also, you will be able to configure your own oxygen supply  kit according to your medical prescription with the regulators, demand valves, aluminum oxygen cylinders, hard case, and oxygen supplies.  Emergency oxygen kits specially designed for emergencies, home care, ambulances, factories, offices, Retirement communities, gyms, restaurants, clinics and personal use.

Manufacturers: Mada Medical, Life Corporation -Ready to use-,  LIfe support Products, Allied Healthcare Products.

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