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Oxygen regulators CGA870

Oxygen regulators CGA870

Type of Medical Oxygen Regulators:  

One of the most important devices is the Medical Oxygen pressure regulator that comes  with an adjustable flow  from 0 to 25 Lpm and you will use in conjunction with small cylinders type C, D, E, Jumbo D which comes with Yoke Pin Index - CGA870-  The popular regulator for daily oxygen requirements to use in Emergency oxygen kits, portable sets, ambulance services, home care  and traveling.

The other one comes with CGA540 ( nut and nipple) to connect to large cylinders type M60, M90, MM, and any other type that comes with CGA 540 valve for use in Medical Services, Hospital, and Clinics. 

Oxygen regulator CGA870 valve with Diss outlet to use with humidifier or nebulizers or barb outlet to use with an oxygen mask or nasal cannula.  The CGA 870 operates with Small Cylinders such as Type C, D, Jumbo D and type E.   It comes with adjustable flow from 0- to 2, 0-4, 0-8, 0-15, 0-25 Lpm. 

Applications:  Medical Purpose only


LSP, Ferno Washington, Meret, B & F, Chemetron, Western Medical,  Mada medical and Gentec.

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