<p>LSP oxygen regulator CGA 540 valve 0-25 lpm 2check valves, barbed</p> <p>NSN 6680-01-520-8009</p> <p> </p> <p>The unibody construction is designed to strengthen the regulator, minimize potential leak paths, and prevent breakage of the yoke cylinder connection assembly. For additional safety, inlet filters provide gas filtration down to 20 microns. Standard LSP regulators have a 5 year warranty.</p> <p>LSP regulators offer 12 flow positions ... more flow selections than ever before. Equipped with up to two DISS check valves, LSP regulators provide regulated pressure and flow for the operation of two demand valves, or one demand valve and one aspirator, or any pneumatically powered ventilator. A DISS or hose barb adjustable flow outlet permits attachment of a disposable mask, cannula, or bag mask device. All three outlet configurations may be operated simultaneously.</p>