<p><b>Description</b></p> <p>This bag is smaller than standard trauma cases and carries items specific to smaller patients. Quick access to exact equipment means quicker response to pediatric emergencies.</p> <p><b>Supply Assortment</b></p> <p>1 Sphygmomanometer - Pediatric</p> <p>1Sphygmomanometer - Infant</p> <p>1 penlight flashlight</p> <p>1 Stethoscope - Pediatric</p> <p>2 cold packs</p> <p>1 Paramedic scissors</p> <p>2 triangular bandages</p> <p>4 gloves</p> <p>60 assorted bandages (3/4"x3", 1"x3", 5/8"x2-1/4")</p> <p>1 Bio-Waste bag</p> <p>8 gauze bandages 4"x4"</p> <p>8 triple antibiotic ointment packets</p> <p>8 gauze bandages 2"x2"</p> <p>3 cotton-tip applicators 3", 2pk</p> <p>2 roll gauze 2"</p> <p>1 thermometer 10 second read</p> <p>1 thermometer probes (50/box)</p> <p>1 tape 1"x5yds</p> <p>1 sodium chloride irrigation 250ml</p>