<h3><span style="color:#e74c3c">L190-GRCE Advantage, with gauge and regulator, 115V power cord</span></h3> <p> </p> <p>L190-GRCE: 115/230 volts, 50/60 Hz</p> <p>SPECIFICATIONS : Weight: 10.6 lbs.</p> <p>Dimensions: 9.4" H x 7.5" W x 16.8" L</p> <p>Vacuum Range: L190-GR & L190-GRCE: 25-550 mm Hg</p> <p>L190: 125 mm Hg (low); 550 mm Hg (high)</p> <p>Vacuum Flow: >30 lpm</p> <p>Battery: Rechargeable lead acid</p> <p>Battery Life (at high setting): 75 minutes at 550 mm Hg</p> <p>Battery Charge Time: Full charge in less than 6 hours</p> <p>Battery Depleted (unit automatically shuts off): Yes</p> <p>Bad Battery Sensor: 5 red LEDs</p> <p>Battery Charge Status: Indicator lights</p> <p>Remote/Internal AC Charger: Internal</p> <p>Charging Circuit Capable of Running on Low Battery: Yes</p> <p>Collection Canister: 800 cc, stem inlet, disposable</p> <p>AC Operation: L190 & L190-GR: 115 volts, 50/60 Hz</p> <p>DC Operation: 12 volt DC battery</p> <p>Warranty: 2 years</p> <p>Classified per UL 60601-1 and U.L.C.</p> <p>EN 1789 and AS/NZS 4535: 1999 (10G & 20G) Compliant when used with the L200-010 Docking Station</p> <p> </p>