<p>Portable Pulse Oximeter Series 8500 free case, Made in the USA.</p> <p>Durable 3 year warranty</p> <p>The 8500 is an extremely reliable portable pulse oximeter, requiring no periodic maintenance or calibration.</p> <p>Simple to Use<br /> Bright LED Displays, Easy 3 Button Operation<br /> Reliability<br /> Proven Nonin pulse oximetry technology and accuracy<br /> Efficiency<br /> 100 hours of typical battery life<br /> Flexibility<br /> Numerous documentation options<br /> Compatibility<br /> An array of Nonin sensors<br /> can be used to conveniently monitor neonates, infants, children and adults </p> <p>The Nonin 8500 Series has redefined the industry standard for hand held pulse oximeters. The bright LED displays, simple operation and outstanding battery performance make it ideal for spot checks or transport monitoring</p> <p> </p>