<h2><span style="color:#e74c3c">Ferno X-Frame Cot - 35X PROFlexX® STAT TRAC PT3575. </span></h2> <p>Available in Rescue red and Electric blue</p> <p>Ferno’s PROFlexX® cot provides superior stability and safety you need when transferring and transporting patients.<br /> <br /> A longer, fixed front leg in the X-Frame provides minimal flex and a low center of gravity at all heights. This means you may be less likely to flip or tip a cot during transfers and transport, reducing situations that may cause injury to you or your patient.</p> <p><strong>Features:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Superior Stability and Center of Gravity---come from a longer, fixed front leg in the X-frame, a rigid C-channel running the length of the cot, and carefully-engineered frame geometry.</li> <li>Five-Posiiton Drop Frame---provides better leverage for lifting and loading, reduces the cot length by 15" for movement in confined spaces, and provides true 360 degree turning radius in the lowest position.</li> <li>All-Metal Frame Construction---provides strength, long service life, and exceptional performance with heavy patients.</li> <li>Wider Bed Surface and Head Frame---provide comfort and support for various size patients and extra elbow room during intubation and CPR.</li> <li>Complete Bariatric Solution---with bariatric push-pull handles, 1100 lb. load capacity in the lowest position, and optional LBS and LBS Jr. Bariatric boards.</li> </ul> <p>Length max: 79 inches</p> <p>Length min: 64 inches</p> <p>Loading Height: 34 inches</p> <p>Weight: 92 lbs</p> <p>Load Limit: 700 lbs</p> <p>Width: 24 inches</p>