<p>The HDx Backboard without pins is a leading composite spine immobilization board, with over 10 years of proven durability and functionality. Our first entry into the composite backboard market, HDx features everything you ever needed in a plastic board and continues to be a best-valued seller.</p> <p>No-pin, 10-pin and 20-pin configurations for various strapping techniques.</p> <p>Identical dimensions and appearance to common wood backboards, permitting storage in existing locations.</p> <p>Numerous hand-holds for easy handling.</p> <p>Strong & durable, yet lightweight.</p> <p>Value priced to fit stringent budgets.</p> <p>Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, orange</p> <p>One-piece seamless construction eliminates splitting, cracking, or fluid penetration.</p> <p>Composite material that's impervious to blood and other substances for high resistance to contamination.</p> <p>100% recyclable.</p> <p><u>Specifications:</u></p> <p>Length: 72"</p> <p>Width: 16"</p> <p>Depth: 1.5" (including runners)</p> <p>Capacity: 500 lbs.</p> <p>Weight: 13.6 pounds</p> <p>Material: High-density polymer</p>