<p>Reusable sensor for spot checks or short-term monitoring. Premium-performance and convenient clip design of the OXI-A/N assures quality and durability for patient after patient. Sensors new in the box</p> <p>6 month warranty from Nellcor<br /> Includes sensor, 50 disposable adhesive bandage wraps, and directions for use.<br /> Manufactured by Nellcor Puritan Bennett</p> <p><b>Note:</b> Must be used with a device that has Sp02 capability and is licensed for Nellcor sensors.</p> <p>Shipped nonsterile, 1 OXI-A/N and 1 box of 50 adhesive wraps<br /> Easy-to-use wraparound sensor design<br /> ADULT APPLICATION (>40 kg) >br>Preferred application site is index finger<br /> NEONATAL APPLICATION (<3 kg)<br /> Preferred application site is ball of the foot</p> <p><br /> <b>Product Features:</b></p> <p>Shipped nonsterile and have easy-to-use design<br /> Built-in shielding protects signal from electronic noise<br /> High quality LEDs maximize tracking capabilities<br /> Sensor head design optimizes signal and shields detector from ambient light</p>