<h4>INSTA-SPLINT II</h4> <h4>Reusable Vacuum Splints</h4> <p>The perfect, reusable arm, leg and extremity vacuum splints on the market. Sized to handle the most common injuries requiring vacuum splints - upper arm dislocation, immobilization, forearm & wrist immobilization, leg splint applications as well as pediatric & small child leg.</p> <p>The incorporated vacuum technology causes no pressure to be placed on the injury and forms a cast-like appearance when evacuated.</p> <h5>Reusable (Blue)</h5> <p>EP-213 Set Of 3 W/Pump & Bag</p> <h5>Materials:</h5> <p>Splint: Laminated Vinyl. Nylon PVC<br /> Filling: Polystyrene Beads<br /> Value: Vinyl<br /> Vacuum Pump: Aluminum Cylinder</p> <h5>Dimensions:</h5> <p>Large Splint: 100cm x 75cm</p> <p>Medium Splint: 70cm x 50cm</p> <p>Small Splint: 50cm x 33cm<br /> <br /> Total weight: 2.5kg<br /> With 3 Splints, Pump, + carry bag</p> <p> </p> <p> </p>